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What others say about Stan Pollmann, his music and his ministry.


5 out of 5 stars Great music, greater message.
Reviewer: Jeanne Bickerstaff on CD Baby
The music is varied enough to stay interesting after many plays.


Whitedove Radio

News Release March 2004

Out of the ordinary and mainstream Gospel Music! Stan Pollmann doesn't produce the same predictable sounds in Gospel Music. I am very excited about what this artist brings to our listeners of Whitedove Radio. We use Stan Pollmann's Music CD "White Horse" on several of our special programs and on our major playlist. Stan Pollmann transfigures you with kickin' great contemporary songs with incredible lyrics everyone can relate to, then to a sound where people can relate to the bluesy sound and find themselves appreciating his talent from a whole different level. Stan then sets you down gently to hear the soft and tender loving voice of our Heavenly Father. You actually find yourself taking the time to converse with our Lord as you listen to Stan. His lyrics are powerful. You don't get the same thing over and over with Stan Pollmann. The tracks we use are special to our listeners because by voters choice Stan has charted with us several weeks straight. “Listeners Voters Choice” on our “Top 20 Countdown” Program. Straight listener votes and a great program. He has charted with “Look Up” and we expect “Close To You” to follow soon.

We expect a lot from Stan Pollmann now and in the future because of his dedication to the Gospel and to his music that Christians look for in talented artists in the genres and out of the ordinary incredible contemporary, blues and special worship music. Stan Pollmann comes with them all. You can listen to his music on our station www.whitedoveradio.com. He is a featured artist in many categories and we look for more. Should you have any questions feel free to contact Whitedove Radio 573-729-2920.

In His Service and To His Glory,

Crystal Clear

Whitedove Radio CEO/Music Director


KC Christian Music Review by DeAnne Arnold

Stan Pollmann’s Look Up grabs you right from the start with his title track “Look Up” bringing your focus immediately onto the Lord. And it doesn’t stop. “Rise and Walk” immediately catches your attention with a great bass line and awesome hook that compels you to sing along. His “Just Say No” continues to carry you along on a 60ish style song that you can’t help but nod your head along with. Stan’s heart can truly be heard in a nice, melodic ballad “Close to You”. But don’t get too mellow, because he brings you back to your feet on “King of the Jungle”. You won’t want to miss the flamenco-style guitar work on “The Final Outcome”. Awesome guitar work, Stan! From the beginning song “Look Up” to the end song “Jacob’s Match” which is a wonderful up-beat instrumental song, this album will keep your head moving and your heart singing along with Stan. His musical ability, his knowledge of the Bible and his passion for God shine through.

DeAnne Arnold



Brian DeKam, Compassion Independent Artist Network Manager

I am excited to share with you that Stan Pollmann has decided to partner with Compassion International - an evangelical Christian child development ministry dedicated to addressing the needs of children around the world. This relationship is vital to Compassion because it is through a network of advocates for children, like Stan, that we are able to focus on the real-life needs of children - spiritual, physical, economic and social. We enter into these relationships with people who have chosen to use their platforms to communicate God's heart for the poor and we are extremely thankful for the decision that Stan has made to join us in this labor of love. We trust that you will be blessed in your partnership with him as well.

For the Children,

Brian DeKam

Compassion Independent Artist Network Manager

Compassion International




Pastor Rusty Douthitt, Music Pastor of New Life Assembly of God, Oak Grove, MO

It is my pleasure to recommend to you the music ministry of Stan Pollmann. After having watched and worked with Stan for nearly two years now, I am deeply impressed with his spiritual depth and commitment to the calling God has placed on his life. He is a tremendous resource for our local assembly, and his concert ministry has touched many lives.

A prayerful and sensitive songwriter, Stan's walk with Christ is marked by a strong and earnest faith. As a pastoral staff member, I can truly say that Stan has a servant's heart and a sincere respect for the leadership of the church, and we here at New Life Assembly fully endorse his ministry to you with our blessing.         

 Rusty Douthitt, Music Pastor


Contact info:  

Stan Pollmann  c/o

White Horse Records      

420 N. Bly Road,

Independence, MO 64056  

 Office: 816.796.6295


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