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Listen to His Music

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I Corinthians 13

Paraphrased for musicians by

Jim Mathis

If I have the most gorgeous voice in the world, but have not love, I might as well be beating on a trash can. If have perfect pitch and know all there is to know about chords and harmonies and have mastered the last detail of music theory, but have not love, I am nothing. If I play in prisons, concert halls, churches, and arenas, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient to those less skilled. Love treats the audience with respect. Love does not need a Martin D-45 and a stack of Marshall amps. Love is not arrogant nor does it show false humility. Love does everything possible to please the audience. It doesnít get upset when it canít hear the monitors or if somebody is out of tune. Love does not brood over last nightís gig. Love does not enjoy seeing somebody else bomb, but wants everyone to rock. Love takes care of other musicians and is always trying to improve.

If there is love, there are no failures. Great players lose their chops, great singers lose their voices, great songs are forgotten, but love will never die.

We will never get it right here on earth, but when we get to heaven, the whole set will be nailed.

When I was a child, I dinked around on my instrument, but when I became a man, I played with passion. Now I hear like a cheap speaker, in heaven, it will be 10,000 watts and crystal clear. Now I have to look for the chords, then they will all fall under my fingers and Jesus Christ will hear each note of worship played for Him.

And now three things remain; faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


The following links are those of our favorite sites. We cannot verify all of the information contained on these sites but we feel that they are of a high moral integrity and are family friendly.

  • Nashville Songwriter's Association International   The foremost songwriter's organization. This place is the place to be if you are a serious songwriter.

  • KC Christian Music & King Cat Music

    • Kansas City's foremost Christian Music Association. Artists promoting artists.  Check out the KCCM Annual Awards Event coming up 2011 at The Bell Cultural Center at Mid America University. This is the most exciting annual Christian Music event in the Greater KC area and features artists from all over the nation.
  • Christian Country Music Association  This is where it is at for the Christian country artist.
  • Higgins Music Group  The place to get yourself heard and promoted. These people have the connections and experience that you need!
  • Ron Richards  One of the guitar masters of our time and rep of fine guitars also! Check him out and be really blessed by the gifts that he shares!!
  • the Spirit Radio
    • One of the top internet radio stations that really blesses it's artists!
  • St. Louis Christian Music
    • This is an up and coming Christian Music organization for the Greater St. Louis area. These people really get together and promote their members! Lots of cool venues too!
  • White Dove Radio         This internet radio station gets you out to the known world! They have a real heart for the Lord and have blessed many artists.
  • Club D-Mask-Us  This new Christian "Night club" in based in the awesome environment of the Az-U-R Church... located in Lee's Summit, MO   When you hit the door... you are "family... just as you are"  Then you'll find a layout that rivals any secular club for professional atmosphere, sound and lighting... EXCEPT... the Spirit of the Living God is real evident!! It's the place to be on Friday! And for a real plus... go hear the AZ-U-R Band!! The rock of the 60-80's rearranged to lift up Jesus!!
  • Indie Heaven     This is an independent Christian artist organization that is becoming the GMA of the unsigned, independent artist/minister. Too many perks to list here... just go there and see for yourself!
  • CD Baby   The place where independents and signed alike get their CD's exposure.
  • Disc Makers  The absolute best CD & DVD reproduction and mastering company for the independent artist.  "White Horse Records" is an "affiliate studio" with them.
  • Harry's Mug   A very friendly coffee house based in Grandview, MO  It's a fun environment with the Lord all over it.  A must see when you are in the area.
  • Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Christopher Ames  An artist, evangelist, minister, guitar virtuoso who deserves the recognition of the greats in my book!
  • Thelma's Dog  A group of real "where the rubber meets the road" music "Rock'n ministers"!!  These guys go where most don't want to go and git'r done for Jesus!
  • 9th Hour... the real deal!!! One of the foremost KC area music ministries. Awesome music and ministry with the songwriting skills of David Lin... this band really puts "the rubber where it meets the road!
  • Randy Davenport... One cool preacher!  This brother is gifted in his delivery and ministry... with the top of the line country sound and the ministry to match... don't miss an opportunity to experience Randy... you'll never regret the time spent!!

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